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Should I Consider a Company Solely Based on Their Online Consumer Ratings?

2020 June 19
by zanderins

In short, no. The reason being that the majority of insurance companies garner negative online reviews and ratings based on the nature of their business. In most cases, we have found that applicants are unhappy if they cannot qualify for the best rate offered, which could have been the agent’s fault or the client failing to disclose all their info initially. There can certainly be service issues that occur with any company, but we have generally found that if a qualified agent is assisting you, then these types of circumstances are typically very minimal.

Additionally, an unhappy client is often more motivated the share their experience than someone who has been handled professionally and fairly, whether it is during buying a plan, requesting changes, or having a claim paid – which we find is the usual experience for so many of the families we serve. We have also found that, regretfully, most insurance companies do not respond to their online feedback, simply because the reasons for the client’s unhappiness typically relates to protected personal and private information, and the insurance company cannot publicly engage due to privacy or legal reasons.

As your agent, we communicate with the insurance companies on your behalf, mitigating any issues that may arise and reducing the likelihood of problems or complications that go unresolved. All of the companies we represent are rated A or better with AM Best, meaning that their financial stability is solid with a favorable outlook, especially in the area of paying claims, which is their most important job. Knowing that Zander has done all the homework for you, you can focus on finding the company that gives you the best price for your needs.