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What is the Difference Between the Health Classes Listed on Your Site?

2020 February 27
by zanderins

The health classes listed on our website – Preferred Plus, Preferred, Standard Plus and Standard – are the top four (and most common) rate classes that a company assigns to individual policyholders, which determine the rate an applicant pays for their term life insurance policy.  The rate classification to which you are assigned is based on many factors, including your medical history, occupation, tobacco use, avocations (such as skydiving, scuba, etc.) and other criteria that insurance companies use to measure the risk you represent going forward, and thereby the rate they will charge for the protection. Our Zander Guides can help you determine which health class fits your specific situation, but it is important to know that the final decision on how you will be classified is made by the underwriter at the insurance company.  You can visit our term life quote page and click on the “i” next to the rate class designations to see the specific criteria the companies typically use in this process.