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What is Home Title Fraud and Is It Covered by Zander’s ID Theft Protection Plan?

2018 December 11
by zanderins

Home title fraud is a prevalent and terrifying form of identity theft. Cyber thieves target homeowners by scouring electronic records for homes that have accrued equity, then file the paperwork to change the ownership of the home to themselves. They then use your equity to take out large personal loans in your name – they can even sell your home without your knowledge. Most people are not aware that title theft has occurred until they receive a foreclosure notice in the mail.

Zander Identity Theft Solutions covers all types of identity theft, including home title fraud. While there are other plans out there that offer protection against home title fraud specifically, there is no need to purchase a separate program. If you are a victim of home title fraud and are a member of Zander ID Theft Solutions, our restoration and recovery agents will help you restore your identity to pre-theft status.