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How Long Do I Need to Be a Non-Smoker to Qualify for Better Rates?

2015 January 16

Insurance companies typically only require that you be tobacco-free for 12 months before offering a non-tobacco rate. This is not their lowest Preferred Plus rate, but still represents a strong savings as compared to the smoker rates. If you have not gone a full year tobacco-free, it really depends on the time you have left to reach this accomplishment. Dave still recommends buying the longer term period, which is more expensive, but just for the one year. It locks in your rate at a younger age and is still beneficial in the event you do not complete the entire 12-month period. If at 12 months you are tobacco-free, you can apply for a new non-smoker plan and benefit from the lower rates. At the three-year point, you are eligible for the Preferred Plus health class (lowest rate), if you would otherwise qualify for it . Dave’s primary advice is that you get what your family needs now since we can’t predict the future, and then adjust as things improve. You can compare term life insurance rates online or call us toll free at 1-800-356-4282 for personal assistance.