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Do I Need an Accidental Death (AD&D) Policy?

2011 November 23

Accidental death and dismemberment policies are a waste of money, and buying them is a huge mistake – especially if it is used as a replacement for life insurance. Zander Insurance does not offer these programs as an individual or add-on feature to any policy. Both Dave and Jeff Zander feel you should have the amount of coverage that your family needs, regardless of whether you die of an accident or sickness. The chances of a fatal accident greatly decrease as you get older, and these policies are just a very poor value. Americans have a one in five chance of dying from heart disease and one in seven chance of dying from cancer, whereas the odds are one in 36 for an accidental injury. It is gimmick insurance and takes advantage of people’s emotions. These type of supplemental plans are just a waste of money and siphons off dollars that could be used more effectively in your financial plan.

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