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Should I Consider a Credit Monitoring Plan to Protect Against ID Theft?

2011 June 13

Credit Monitoring and other identity monitoring programs focus strictly on financial fraud, and these measures have been proven to have limited preventative benefit since many lenders never check credit bureaus or other outlets before issuing credit. If any other type of identity theft occurs, these plans don’t provide any protection. Taking preventative measures is important, but they are not a foolproof, and you can do most of these steps yourself for free, so there is no reason to pay for these services. You can place your own fraud alerts and credit freezes and enroll in “Do Not Call” and “credit card opt-Out” programs, all for no cost. You can also order copies of your credit reports three times per year at no cost. These are the steps that Dave recommends to reduce your risk without spending a penny more for hype, so your money can be used for better things, such as paying down debt and building savings.

Dave endorses Zander ID Theft Solutions – and uses us for his own family and teammates – because of our focus on the true risk of identity theft: the time and effort it takes to clean up the mess. We cover all types of identity theft, meaning that no matter how a thief accesses your information, we have your back. We take over the work (600 hours on average) to restore your identity to pre-theft status, and we’re less expensive than our competitors. Our $1 million reimbursement benefit covers unauthorized stolen funds from bank accounts and provides compensation to our members if they incur expenses while we restore your identity. These expenses may include lost pay or vacation time (if you have to go to court to testify), legal fees, notary or Fed-Ex charges, long-distance phone bills, etc. Learn more about the risk of identity theft.

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